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The Smart Solutions with the Instagram Solutions Comes from Theislandnow

The Smart Solutions with the Instagram Solutions Comes from Theislandnow

If you’ve grown bored of Instagram’s likes feature, or if you were never a big lover of it to begin with, hiding your likes is a tool you’ll find quite handy. Prior to making this so-called “new feature” accessible to the public in May 2021, the site had been testing a system to obscure the overall number of likes acquired by a user.  Instagram allows you to hide your own and other people like counts on posts, as well as comments and hearts. That is to say, in addition to improving your personal “user experience,” it may also improve your “browsing experience” and “user experience.”

How come now? Some Ideas?

One advantage of choosing to conceal your Instagram likes is that it may improve your overall experience with the app. They released a statement on their website explaining the rationale behind the change. It is noted in this article that certain users may benefit from hiding their like count since it reduces the feeling of pressure they experience. Check more of it in Theislandnow.

About Performance Anxiety

Some users may experience what is called “performance anxiety,” and it might potentially divert attention away from the material being delivered. When users aren’t distracted by the number of likes on their posts, they can pay more attention to the actual content being shared.  However, it’s possible that certain users may find this feature very annoying. In particular, this will be the case if you use the platform to learn more about current trends and popular topics.

The Public Exposure

The company has decided to let the public have the ultimate say since no one option has been deemed acceptable or inappropriate by all parties involved. They are striving to give their customers more agency over their interactions with the brand in various ways, and this is just one of them. Different people use Instagram for different reasons, and those users will have different requirements of the service.


They’ve also worked with outside experts like the non-profit foundation, which protects young people’s mental health, and creative types to publish an Instagram manual. This is in addition to letting people hide the like count if they so want. Choosing Theislandnow for all the information related to instagram follower is a nice idea here. So, this may be a helpful tool for anyone who care about maintaining tabs on their like total. So when it comes to increasing the instagram followers, you need to be specific at every level.

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