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Apple laptop repair Macbook Pro screen repair.?


Jan 7, 2023
Macbook Pro screen repair

8. Apple laptop repair Macbook Pro screen repair.?

A fall, and it’s a disaster! Your MacBook Pro screen may show a crack or be completely broken. Do not panic, all is not lost! In addition, you are not the only one to encounter this type of problem: the repair of a broken screen or tempered glass concerns almost two thirds of computer repairs. Certainly, it is possible to take more care of your portable ultrabook computer with a shell, a protective film or meticulous gestures. But no Apple computer is immune to accidents.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of breakdown. Solution: contact a specialized repairer near you like Cyber ​​Jay, if your computer screen no longer displays anything or if you are bothered by this crack, this ink stain or that pesky horizontal line that is unpleasant to see . We offer a local and fast service to all individuals and professionals who are victims of a broken window.

Simply fill out our online contact form for more information or to request a free quote. Otherwise, go directly to our quick repair shop to save time.

Don’t complicate your life with a computer with a broken screen or with the purchase of a new MacBook! By trusting Cyber ​​Jay, you can restore your Apple computer to its original state, without breaking the bank.

After a fall, my screen no longer displays anything!

The computer screen is the most vulnerable part of your MacBook Pro. Over time and uses, cracking, soiling and deterioration may occur. After a fall, it sometimes happens that the defective screen no longer displays anything, if the shock is strong enough. In general, this problem cannot be solved by a few manipulations. Better to rush to bring it to a specialist in computer repair and troubleshooting, especially if you face a black or blue screen.

In principle, screen failures are related to a hardware failure if they occur following a fall. Perhaps the tablecloth is broken or the shock has impacted the graphics card. If the malfunction appears following a fall or impact, the origin of this failure is therefore logical.

Whatever the source of the problem, Cyber ​​Jay will be able to solve it. Our long-standing know-how allows us to know all computer technologies, especially those embedded in Apple products. Rest assured, everything will be settled during the day, even within the hour. The responsiveness and efficiency of our team of qualified repairers are our strength.

The crack on my broken screen bothers me!

Sometimes a shock has no impact on Mac PC components thanks to the build quality of Apple brand laptops. But, it still leaves an aftereffect like a crack or breakage of the computer screen. Apart from being unpleasant to see, it is not good and comfortable for your eyes. This is also the case if a stain or a green line appears in the middle of the screen of your ultra thin computer screen.

In this case, go to an Apple brand PC repair expert who provides complete screen replacement. After dismantling, our repairer diagnoses the condition of your defective screen to decide whether to replace the screen or not. The screen change is done in a professional manner so as not to damage the other original parts of your computer equipment. Our express repair service saves you both time and money.

Computer repair is the very reason for the existence of our computer repair centers based in the heart of Paris. This is why we offer computer repair services under warranty. You can have your broken window repaired with us from Monday to Friday and even on Sundays.

We offer spare parts at the best value for money in case of screen replacement or battery replacement.

With Cyber ​​Jay, two options are available to you: you can directly benefit from our broken glass repair or replacement service in our shop, if you are in a hurry or you have time to visit us. It’s without an appointment. Otherwise, it is possible to access an Apple-branded PC repair service remotely. It’s simple: send your laptop to us by La Poste. Our certified technicians will take care of your Apple MacBook, then we will send it to you in perfect condition within a fairly short period of time. Our MacBook Pro repair service is guaranteed for 3 months!

This is also valid for other services such as battery replacement, motherboard repair, SSD hard drive, graphics card, keyboard, fan, charging connector, RAM, connectors, speaker, Touch Bar, Touch ID . This is also the case for computer maintenance, formatting, updating or reinstalling Mac OS X, data recovery, unlocking the system, repairing defective iPhones as well as the entire range and all models. Apple-branded mobile phones or tablets.Our flexible IT support service will not disappoint.


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