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Unlock the power of holiday offers: Boost your hotel’s revenue


Apr 2, 2024
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The holiday season, with its magic air filled with joy, celebration, and the irresistible temptation to make memories that last a lifetime, is here again. It is a period when you can hardly put a foot wrong, as a hotel. Create sophisticated, innovative offers that fit the holiday spirit, and you stand a chance of winning long-term guests who will settle in as favorites of your establishment. After all, the holiday season is not just one merry celebration – it comes with different types of guests from families out to give the kids unforgettable memories to couples hoping for quiet, romantic getaways, to name a few. In this ultimate guide, we are steered by five dazzling strategies, tailor-made, and time-proven to help your hotel achieve exceptional success during this time of the year.

1. Optimize with a revenue management system

Considering the high-speed competition and broader array of opportunities that are available to optimize revenue in the hotel industry today, a hotel revenue management system is an essential tool for a profitable hotel during the holiday season and all year round. It is a sophisticated tool equipped with algorithms and analytics that track the current demand situation, and monitor competitor rates, and other sectors.

The system ensures that you get maximum income with ideal room tariffs at every point, even during high-demand seasons. It effectively removes all the guesswork about determining room tariffs. It provides you with all the information to make a final judgment about prices that maximize higher returns.

Another significant advantage of revenue management systems is additional tools that include inventory management, channel distribution, and reporting. Such tools provide a clear picture of the hotel’s well-being or failure. With the help of these management tools, a hotel can keep on increasing the bottom line without a doubt that the decisions are correct. During the holiday season, a revenue management system is beneficial as well.

2. Deck the halls with festive packages

There’s nothing that people can get more in the holiday spirit than a festive package. Combine themed room stays, holiday amenity offerings, and seasonal activities to create an all-encompassing experience that your guests can’t resist.

Whether that means cozy fireside treats, twinkling lights, or festive décor that makes guests feel as if they are in a winter wonderland. Furthermore, Create special themed experiences, such as gingerbread house-making classes, movie nights with hot cocoa and fresh-baked cookies, and visits from a special visitor who pees to see if they’re being good.

Not only will these unique moments make your guests’ visits unforgettable, but they’ll also become long-lasting memories that draw them back year after year. Finally, Partner with local businesses to provide guests with shopping discounts, holiday caroling strolls, and even sleigh rides. Demonstrate your distinct destination’s charm throughout the holiday season, and guests will keep returning for more year after year.

3. Jingle with early bird discounts

As a rule of thumb, savvy travelers know that booking early spells discounts. You can cash in on this behavioral pattern by providing irresistible early bird discounts for guest planning. Not only will this approach secure your bookings months before check-in, but it will also help you leverage the fear-induced sense of urgency.

To take full advantage of early bird discounts, persuade your guests through your website, social media, and email marketing. Incentivize their purchase by underlining the limited-time nature of the opportunity and reemphasizing the blessings of booking months ahead, from the assurance of being accommodated to the same rate and even complimentary room upgrades. Finally, instill the fear of missing out by not only stating the date by which people have to decide but repeatedly threatening them that time is closing in.

4. Unwrap the gift of loyalty rewards

Finally, there is no business without guests, and to lure and retain them, you could provide special holiday rewards for loyal visitors. Develop a rewards program that will encourage the client to book with you again by providing rewards for being a loyal customer during holiday time.

This might be a free room upgrade, a complimentary spa treatment, a free dining credit, or a percentage off the next stay with you. You could create a three-tier rewards system, where the more times they book throughout the year, the better the rewards they will get. This way, you will make your loyal guests feel appreciated and create a strong connection with them.

5. Sleigh into the new year with extended stay deals

And as the holiday season often bleeds well into the new year, guests are either eager to extend their celebrations or escape their post-holiday blues. Harness this opportunity by creating lucrative extended stay offerings that afford your guests an excuse to linger a little longer.

These might constitute packaged room rates for extended stay periods, perhaps discounted meals, complimentary spa and fitness center access, or the occasional dip in the indoor pool. In offering your guests an alluring proposition, you will increase your bottom-line revenue and guarantee your clients an unforgettable experience.

6. Stuff their stockings with gift card promotions

Another convenient way to attract new guests while also inspiring someone to come back. Winter holidays lend themselves nicely to the purchase of gift cards and easy sell- deter guests from considering your property as a possible option.

Allow your friends and family to give the experience of a wonderful stay at your hotel, and purchase a second card so that they may give themselves two nights in the house. Advertise gift cards on your webpage, via social media, or even most effectively in-person in holiday-themed markets or local events.


The holiday season is a fantastic time for the hotel to stand out and cash in on its full potential with software revenue management. Entice your guests with the craziest holiday casino promotions to keep them loyal to your brand or inspire everyone who walks through your doors to create unforgettable memories. Just don’t forget that the magic ingredient successful offers share is the extent to which they reflect what makes your hotel unique and what is truly attractive to your target audience. Combine the festive spirit with your unique perspective and see your revenue skyrocket during these most wonderful months.

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