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The most popular mobile app categories


Jan 7, 2023
popular mobile app


In the same way that there are several types of websites (showcase site, blog, e-commerce site, etc.), there are also different types of mobile applications with different uses and objectives.

To encourage mobile users to download your application, you must ensure that it will be useful to them and will meet a need. The creation of a mobile application has become essential for most large companies.

Regardless of the smartphone used, Android or iOS, downloading an application is a mandatory step for the billions of consumers who want to take advantage of the many features of a smartphone. From the simple weather application to the most advanced applications, not to mention games, the smartphone is a point of contact with consumers that is becoming essential in France and around the world.

Mobile applications synonymous with utilities

So-called “utility” applications are developed to quickly solve specific problems. Their goal: to save mobile users time and reduce their effort.

Among these applications we find the famous calculator, the alarm, the flashlight, the scanner, etc.

Depending on your field of activity, you can develop a small mobile application, easy to use but which will be useful on a daily basis.

Mobile apps for productivity

Productivity apps help you stay organized, focused and productive. They can be installed on your phone or accessed through a web browser. You can use them for personal purposes, such as managing your tasks and calendar, or for professional purposes, such as managing projects or scheduling meetings.

There are many apps that fall into this category: task management systems like Trello, calendars like Google Calendar.

Mobile apps to entertain

Games, music, films and videos… these types of mobile applications have only one goal: to entertain.

Netflix has logically created an “identical” application to its platform so that users can enjoy films and series wherever they are.

If you have a restaurant, you could very well imagine a burger game or a game in which the mobile user takes the place of a chef or a waiter. If you have a clothing store, you could develop a fashion-themed game.

The games are still popular, and they will only get bigger over time. Games are a great way to pass the time, especially when you’re bored or stressed. They can also be educational, like game-based learning apps that teach kids about different subjects like math or science.

The games are also becoming more and more realistic: some even have 3D graphics! So they’re more immersive than ever and easier to control using touchscreens, instead of the gamepads or keyboard/mouse combos that were used before smartphones became popular in homes around the world.

Games are used by marketers to advertise products. Finally, some games have been shown to help reduce the stress level of the people who play them!

Mobile apps for education

There are many types of mobile apps for education. They can be used in schools, universities and vocational training. They can also be used for adult education and lifelong learning.

Mobile apps for education are very useful for students as it allows them to study anywhere and anytime which means they don’t need to spend a lot of time in class or at home. library. Mobile apps give students the ability to interact with classmates around the world through social media; it’s much more interesting than studying alone at home!

Mobile applications for daily support

The fitness and health category is growing in popularity with people becoming more interested in their overall health. These apps can be used to track your fitness and diet, sleep patterns, steps taken, physical activity level, weight or body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and heart rate. blood sugar.

Health and fitness apps can also connect you with other users to share tips on how to stay healthy or lose weight! If you want to connect with friends who are trying new diets or exercise programs, this app is for you!

We are increasingly connected: we want to know how many kilometers we have traveled during our sports session, to know the calories burned, the number of steps climbed during the day…

The follow-up of our physical condition and our symptoms is permanent.

If you are in the field of sports, why not create a mobile application that gives daily exercises to perform? Decathlon, for example, has developed a mobile application on which you can find training programs for running and walking.

Decathlon mobile app

News is a popular category of mobile apps. In 2023, the popularity of this category is expected to increase. If you’re a developer looking for a new category to develop for, news might be a good fit. If you are an avid user who likes to follow the news, news is also a great option.

On a smaller scale, you can take inspiration from this concept to offer your users the opportunity to follow the life of your company and be informed of any new publication on your blog, for example. This type of mobile application can also be very useful if you are organizing an event: mobile users can follow what is happening live.

By developing an application of this kind, you will deploy an advanced content marketing strategy and you will easily stand out from your competitors.

Mobile applications in support of the e-commerce site

If you have an e-commerce site you should seriously consider developing a mobile application. More and more users are shopping online, and not just from a computer: nearly 80% of mobile users buy from their smartphone.

This type of mobile application must support the entire purchasing process: from the presentation of the product to the payment, including information related to the account (orders in progress, discount coupons, next delivery, etc.).

But whether you are a restaurateur, florist or even taxi driver, a mobile application can bring you big money if you allow mobile users to make reservations, order or even compose their own bouquet of flowers, for example.

Mobile apps will still be very popular in 2023.

You will be able to use the mobile applications for many other things besides gaming and sending messages. Over time, the average person will likely have more mobile apps than they know what to do with! Mobile apps will be used for commerce, education and social media. They will also be used to keep in touch with friends and family members who live far away.

Whether on the Android or iOS store, application downloads are counted in the billions and each year consumer spending increases. Companies have understood this and this source of income is no longer negligible.

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